Wholesale customers only.

All of our products are made in house and lead times can vary a little.

Bath bombs and air fresheners usually ship in 5 to 7 business days. At times we do have bath bombs stocked and ready to ship. If you want your bath bombs to ship the quickest way possible, order a bath bomb assortment. This way we can ship you what we have in stock as soon as the next business day. All of our scents sell really well so this is a good option when you need to restock quickly and aren't too picky about scents.

Air fresheners are always made to order since we allow you to choose your shape & scent. However, we are working hard to keep all scented beads cured and ready so orders can be filled quickly. Again, we do offer an air freshener assortment which is a great option when you need to restock quickly.

T-shirt orders usually ship in 7 to 10 business days. All shirts are made to order since we allow our customers to choose their shirt style, shirt color, design color, etc. 

All wholesale orders are shipped using FedEx. Actual shipping charges for your order will show up in your cart at checkout. Shipping charges will range 10% to 12% of your order total.